Morning Melody

Waking up in the morning can be tough. I’m here to make it easy.

Nothing gets me going in the morning more than some upbeat and FUN music. When I turn on my sound bar in the morning, I want something to come out of it that is going to start my day off right.

Depending on what you are doing that day can change the type of music you play. That is, if you are going to the gym you might want something to get you amped up, Waka Flocka for example. And if you’re planning on having a few beers with your buddies out on the boat while you’re fishing, it might be more of a Zac Brown Band morning.

But these aren’t your typical morning music go-to’s. For you 9-5’ers,  college students, stay at home parents or whatever you may do, I have the music to play to make sure you enjoy your day from morning to night. Morning jam’s can be music of any genre, depending on what you’re into. My suggestion is get a Pandora account and let it ride in the A.M. (Although I’m typically not a Pandora person, it is nice in the morning to let some consistent vibes ride out). Here are some solid morning Pandora stations:

  • Hip-Hop/Rap – Mula, Big Sean
  • Country – Boys Round Here, Blake Shelton
  • House/Dance -You And I, Deadmau5
  • Throw Backs – ABC, The Jackson 5
  • 90’s Alternative – Crystal Baller, Third Eye Blind

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