Life at Night, Music that’s Right

Music can be tough to stay up to date with. In todays day and age, there are so many different genres of music, it is nearly impossible to keep downloading all the latest and greatest songs. Certain genres match up well with different events, times of the day and different people in general.

Picking the right music selection for night life, going out, and getting ready to go out can be difficult. I’m here to make it easy. Depending on where you’re from or who you are, can highly influence the type of music you play.

The first step to picking the right music to play when getting the night going is making sure everyone around you is going to like it. More importantly, it is going to get them excited and ready to rock n’ roll. If you’re rockin’ some slow jams while all of your friends are trying to get rallied up, it will only end poorly.

The next key role in picking your music is making sure to switch up the vibes, while sticking to the script. What I mean by this is, keep the music in check, while keeping the crowd wondering. That does’t mean throw on Ignition remix by R Kelly and then Drunk on you by Luke Brian. Maybe something more along the lines of switching from rap to a little house music and slowly keep the pace moving onto some upbeat country, Save a Horse by Big and RIch, for example.

Lastly, when someone requests a song, play it. Unless that person sucks…Or the song does…

Here are links to my two favorite songs of the week:

P.S. Always have a solid playlist ready to go. You never know what you’re going to get yourself into.

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